Admit Weekend 2011 has ended

Matthew G. Billman

What am I passionate about? Anything and everything new and exciting! I am a huge people person, die-hard traveler, biker, sailor, singer, proud Eagle Scout, musical theatre nut, and biology nerd--to name a few. Music (especially singing) has defined my life more than I can say here. I live by the motto "I will try anything once"--within reason, of course (no drugs, please). Alternately, I will also live by the motto "BRING IT." I love good literature (Metafiction and Magic Realism ROCK!!!), thrive on anything controversial, and learn best either through Socratic Seminars, or in a "hands-on" environment. I frequently make up my own words. I plan to study abroad at least once, and will (ideally) be double-majoring in Biological Sciences (Pre-Med) and Vocal Performance. If you run into me around campus (I'm 6'6", brown haired, blue eyed, occasionally bearded), please tell me all about yourself, with absolutely NO restraint--if I hate anything, it is a one-word answer to the question "how are you?" I look forward to an awesome undergraduate career at Stanford--BRING IT!