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Daniel C. Liem

Hi! I'm Daniel Liem, and I grew up in Arcadia, California - a city in Los Angeles County in So Cal. I am an alumnus of Arcadia High School, Class of 2011, and now currently live in Stanford, CA where I attend Stanford University, Class of 2015. I enjoy life; I love traveling, learning, and hanging out with friends. Extracurricular-wise, I love being a part of AHS Pre-Med Club, Boy Scouts, AHS Physics Team, ASB (associated student body) gov't, various medical volunteers & internships, and more. My favorite outdoor activities include airsoft shooting and participating in the Stanford Cycling Team and Arcadia High School Track & Field. My hobbies include drawing, filming, blogging, photography, and collecting pins. I also love working with computers, and am an avid Google fan. I enjoy listening to music and love playing the piano, guitar, and violin. If you get to know me, you'll find that I love talking about outer space, medicine, and technology, and sharing intellectual curiosities, career visions, and hopes of the future. My dream job is to become a Medical Doctor (Physician-Scientist). I plan to go to medical school and complete my residency, and participate in a fellowship program. I have always wanted to become a Urologist, but have since then reconsidered to becoming an Anesthesiologist or a Surgeon in another specialized field. Additionally, since five years old I have always suffered with pollen allergies. I want to end this suffering not only for myself, but for everyone, and hope to find a permanent cure for it. I want to pursue medical research in this field of study, especially during my years at Stanford. I am motivated, strong-willed, hard-working, and ambitious. I want to make an impact, whether it is a small or large difference. I want to help people who can't afford shelter, food, medical treatments, and other needs. I want to preserve lives and advance medical knowledge in an effort to change our nation, our world - the proud place we live in. That is my ultimate goal, and I truly believe I can do all of that through my initial steps of becoming a Medical Doctor: a healer and helper of mankind.